Gurl there’s a sale on kindness, aisle 69. 

I went to walk my dog tonight before bed. Had to let her pee one more time. I ran into two neighbors, a gay couple who also have a dog, and I was so upset as a result that I wrote this:

Dear neighbor,

I’m sorry that I’ve forgotten your name, but I am Teo Weiner, M.A., your neighbor with the grey dog. Your (I assume) boyfriend, who’s name I also forget, was rather rude to me tonight. I’m sure she bitched about me when you two got home. Admittedly I came out with my dog off the leash. Anyway, instead of saying hi and being friendly to me (as I had to you both… perhaps you didn’t hear me) I saw your boyfriend give me a nasty look while not even bothering to take his eyes off his phone. (Total major evil gay eye roll of disgust).

TBH, you’ve always been cool towards me and I have nothing against either of you. Your boyfriend however has sometimes been rude to me. This was before he met you when I knew him through different friends. Despite having some similar friends he was never friendly or welcoming to me, however I have no idea why. That said… it would be nice if I could come to expect the same type of friendly neighborly behavior from you both that I get from everyone else in the building.


Your neighbor.

*** IDK if I’m going to send it. ***

Tonight my motivational moment is about choosing kindness, one of our most available emotional resources. My neighbor has always been cool with me, but my neighbors boyfriend has always been a little bitch. I have no idea why. I can’t recall ever acting rudely toward him. So, I just assume he’s jealous of me, or likes me, and I decide to leave it there…

Now the fool has come for my dog???? Bitch pissed me off and all I’ve got to say is that there is a sale on kindness, aisle 69, and she needs to go suck a ****.

In all seriousness… when we have a choice in our behavior, why not choose kindness? When we have the choice to say hi, ask how someone’s doing, or flash a smile…. when it’s easy to stay above the fray, why do some people go so low? To me kindness is one of the cheapest and easiest thing to “have” in life. It’s the word hello, a thoughtful question of someone, a wave. Even eye contact. When something so good is so easy??? I’m beyond.


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