Mexican Mommas Boys

My friend Liz has a bunch of new students and this morning I watched her helping one of them with a high school English essay. His name is Twist and he’s completely lazy. Twist was complaining “why do I have to do this?” And “that’s extra” telling my friend Liz that she’s doing too much (work).

Twist is an athlete, and his life is filled with promise. On the field he’s a star but in the classroom he’s weak. The boy has athletic stamina but shows no ability to persevere in academics. While Liz helped him all I could think is that he complains about school work like a Mexican mammas boy!

Today my motivational moment is about endurance and how athletic teens need to be persistent on and off the field. As I tell many of my clients… you need to act smart to be smart. In this case, being smart is getting your ass in gear and getting work done.

Endurance should not be reserved only for the field. Well rounded individuals are those who push through obstacles be they physical or academic. They act the part to be the part. Those who don’t will probably remain dependent mommas boys forever.

My advice to all teens… especially the athlete… is to be great in all aspects of life… to not complain… and to always act the part you are preparing to be cast in.


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