This too shall pass.

It’s a full moon and I swear that the tides are pulling my insides this way and that… I’m a mess. Have been for days.

Yesterday, Sunday, I was in such a funk. I felt like Eeyore from the Whinny-The-Poo cartoon… grey as a midwestern sky before a storm. So sad that nothing could get me off the couch and out of the house. I was 100% yuck. All I wanted to do, since I woke up, was sleep.

Today I feel better… though not much has changed. Perhaps the moon is beginning to wane.

My motivational moment today is for my mom, who would always tell me that “this too shall pass.” As I write this I visualize life as a graph depicting the line of best fit, and I imagine life hugging the line as best as possible. Some days rise above it… and some days, like yesterday, fall below. But none the less, the days pass and the line of fit continues ahead (baring something catastrophic).

In life we all have highs and lows. The sommelier at my local wine bar called it UMS (ugly man syndrome). Like PMS it may last a day or so, but it passes with time and eventually we level out.

Cheers to the highs and the lows, and to knowing that we will always hug the life of fit as best we can… that “it” will pass… and that we will all be all right.



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