How Frida Kahlo reconnected me with my father.

Today was my last day in Mexico City. I intended to go with my friend to the Frida Kahlo Museum but when we arrived the line was so long and we decided to skip it. Instead, we went to the town square of Coyoacon… the neighborhood where Frida lived. I’m so glad that we decided to explore the square rather than ry to see the museum because he had been there before, and I (really wanted to go from my couch in California) didn’t want to go when I saw the lines wrapping around the block.

Ok, so this town is fucking gorgeous. The square is lush with a central fountain, a beautiful Cathedral, and gardens surrounded by al fresco cafes. It is like Mexico and Italy had a love child. We had a delicious lunch, and then went to explore the local marketplace which was filled with crafts and art. I bought a rattle for my nephew, a t-shirt for my dad, and some other gifts for friends.

When we first got to the square we went to see the cathedral. Mass was going on and we decided to come back later. After shopping in the marketplace, we debated what to do and I declared…. “Lets go in the church and check it out!” as if it was exactly the right thing to do.

When we entered, my friend (who was walking ahed of me) took a pew and knelt to pray. I was struck by this because I hadn’t know him to be a religious person. I thought it surprising and cool, and decided to walk around on my own for a while to give him some space.

I passed him up and headed towards the alter in the front of the cathedral…. a beautiful and grand space with gilt arches, stain glass windows, and a wonderful rotunda that filled the spiritual focal point with a beautiful glowing light.

As I walked towards its holy center I instinctively stopped and took a seat. From the vantage point I had looking towards the alter…. the way the light hit…. I was struck by an overwhelming feeling that my father (dead over 10 years) was present in that rotunda. I literally saw him in the light that radiated the space.

I began to sob uncontrollably.

I sat there for half an hour looking at the arches, the rotunda, the stained glass windows… I don’t know how to explain that I say my father in the architecture, but when I looked there… the space flooded with light…. I knew he was the one filling that space. I say his eyes in the stars of the stain glass, his smile in the arches of the building, and his body in all the light that filled the cavernous interior. I sat there and talked to him. I let him hug me. I prayed for and about hit. It was a moment so unexpected, and one I am so grateful for.

Today my motivational moment is about the spiritual world and how we never know when to expect to connect with it. I believe that there are levels to life that we cannot see from our vantage points on earth. There are things occurring around us that cannot be quantified or measured, nor can they be sought out or even named. Some things are not just beyond our control, they are beyond our reality. Today…. for me…. was evidence of this fact. There is a spiritual component to our existence. There are connections between things that we cannot map out… but even in the presence of such ambiguity I know that it is crucial to believe that we are being watched, guarded, loved, and remembered by those important souls who once showed their face on earth.

Peace and love,




  1. I am beyond happy for expierencing not only a connection with your daddy, but with God most importantly. I will continue to pray for your soul, comfort, guidance, and safety. Thanks for taking the time to share and courage to share such an intimate moment. Love and hugs, Sophia Loren.

  2. Wow..what an amazing experience…so glad you were able to experience this spiritual moment with you daddy, but with God most importantly. Thanks for taking the time and courage to share such an intimate moment! I will continue to pray for you safety, guidance, comfort, and soul….Hugs and love, Sophia Loren

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