Follow Through

There is something to be said for seeing it through till the end, and in turn always building on what you know. Recently in life I have begun to expand my practice thinking that I want to connect with older clients who are seeking coaching out of personal choice, rather than my typical force driven adolescent population. To do this I have gone back to school to become certified as a Co-Avtive coach through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute. We had our first weekend of class two weeks ago and something a classmate said has been resonating with me.

“you know, I think you have a great population of clients right in front of you. Its too bad that you want to move away from teens and parents cause you are already working with them.”

For two weeks I have been thinking about this persons message.

Today I read an email from another classmate who was looking to refer clients from his psychiatric practice to coaches from our class cohort. He described three people and the problems they were facing, and I immediately thought…. nope, not for me. Not my wheelhouse.

Today my motivational moment is about follow through and the impact that consistency and experience have in one’s life. Reading the referral email immediately filled me with doubt and hesitation. I couldn’t imagine working with this friends referrals in my own coaching practice. I could feel in my gut that I would not be of service to their needs. In the next moment I realized that I did in fact have a great population from which to draw clients from. Moreover I could see how I was so well equipped to handle specific needs related to education and parenting, and that I was less adept to work with someone on career transitions and moving across country (two things I have no experience with at all).

All of the doubt and hesitation faded away.

In life there is something to be said for the knowledge we gain when we do something for a long time. We in fact become experts. For that reason it is ever more clear that time is of the essence, that our choices must be wise, and that each step really does lead to the next.

Peace and love,


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