The Big Squeeze

Many of us experience profound difficulty understanding that we can get more out of a situation just by working a little harder. With a little extra effort we can achieve greater personal success. Our extra effort can lead to improved personal performance and can help move us forward to a brighter future.

Consider this… Recently while working with a teen client it occurred to me that he needed to increase his efforts in school in order to create the positive changes he desired in his academic performance. Together we developed an analogy inspired by mother nature by imagining that we were making fresh orange juice. We played with the concept of squeezing the oranges and agreed that the harder we imagined squeezing each orange the more juice our efforts would yield. With respect to his educational goals, we superimposed this analogy and he realized that in order to get all of the juice out of his educational fruit he was going to have to squeeze as hard as he could.

Although this is an abstract comparison, it does help to illustrate the concept that the harder we work at something the more we get out of the situation. Creating and sustaining life change is directly related to the consistency and the intensity of your collective efforts. In essence, the harder you squeeze life’s fruit the more juice you get in return.

Today my motivational moment is about the big squeeze and how consistently working hard at a task is the behavior necessary to see that task through to its successful accomplishment.

In the case of this particular client “squeezing harder” meant studying consistently, staying organized, completing and turning in assignments, and asking for help from experts as needed. We developed these specific action items in our coaching and I wanted to share them with readers to illustrate that the concept of working harder is not meant to be abstract… rather it should be comprised of things that are observable and measurable, and that are directly linked to the desired outcome.

So where does your life need some extra attention? Think how you too can apply the big squeeze and then go make yourself a beautiful glass of juice!

Peace and Love,


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