Loose Ends by Double Shot Coaching’s Teo Weiner

In life shit happens and sometimes we are left having to tie up loose ends… things we never could plan for, that can’t be ignored,  that have to be dealt with. 

Car accident… follow up with insurance. 

Death in the family… settle the estate with attorneys. 


… I’m sure you get the idea. 

No matter the context, loose ends require us to suddenly take on tasks that were once unrequired of us. We have to step up to the plate and perform in ways that we never imagined in order to preserve the integrity of our families, our careers, and our relationships. 

Tonight my double shot is about the importance of addressing loose ends and the strength required to do so. 

When we are faced with the task of addressing extraneous situations we often simultaneously find ourselves immersed in our lowest moments. We might be suffering loss, dealing with death, or perhaps facing medical challenges. No matter what the reason, jumping such hurdles requires that we… more than ever… muster the strength and determination to do the right thing. 

In life we will always face change and challenge, and when we do it is vital to remember that our actions will have their greatest impact during the times of our greatest struggles. When confronting unexpected change it is more critical than ever to keep our wits about us, to utilize our support systems of friends and family, to act decisively, and to be as thorough as possible. 

Shit happens. In fact it can really hit the fan. No matter… If and when it does, it is endlessly important to remember that our actions and intentions are what steer our ship through the roughest seas. Motivation for all to remember that even when life holds us to our greatest challenges we can survive anything so long as we continue to ground ourselves in the foundational thinking that our behavior always works to dictate our outcomes. 

Here’s to staying smart, staying strong, and to tying up loose ends. 

Peace and love,


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