Be Bold by Double Shot Coaching’s Teo Weiner (short version) 

This weekend I’m attending another module of the CTI Co-Active coaches training and last night we were asked to do something that scared us. We had to accomplish a breath taking task. 

For me that was reaching out to contacts and asking for business. For many reasons this is a significant challenge for me. None the less, I did what I was asked by blasting to my Facebook, my LinkedIn, and goodpsychology. 

This morning my double shot is about being bold. As I sit here ready to go to class for day 3 of fulfillment I’ve realized something. When we face something new the greatest hurdle is often taking the first step. BUT… buuuuuuutttttttttt…….. once we take one step it’s easier and easier to take more. 

When we take the first step and lean into our fears the fear dissipates, and we realize that the only thing stopping us was the discomfort we had with the unknown. 

I say fuck it. Take a risk and be bold. I’m telling you now… it’s not fear that you will feel. It’s freedom! 

Peace and love,


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