Observation of greatness. A mother’s life-long impact on children. By Education Coach Teo Weiner, M.A.

I have a new Love in my life. His name is Bradley and he is the 14 month old son of my best girlfriend Jessica. I met Brad when he was one day old. I’ve been friends with Jessica for over a decade.

Yesterday Jessica and I were hanging out in Brad’s  nursery and I was watching her interact with him. He tripped over the edge of the rug and fell onto the ottoman of the rocking chair and started to cry. She collected him in her arms and calmly reassured him that he was fine. Within seconds he was back to exploring and playing with the things in the nursery.

I complimented Jessica and told her that she (in my opinion) is a terrific mother. This lead to a deeper conversation comparing her mothering to the mothering of one of her best friends (a person I know who also has a toddler).

Today my double shot is about the script of our lives and how parents… from the first day of a child’s life and all the way through… are writing the script that will dominantly influence that child’s entire adulthood.

Every person on earth lives out this personalized, parentally procured script. It’s themes and messages are at the core of our thoughts and often times cause us to act out childhood experiences upon reflex. This script is where all of our “buttons” are formed and contextualized.

Our lives are the dress rehearsal and performance of this script, and unless we as adults do the self-development work necessary to change it… we stay tied to the messages that were given to us before we could walk or talk.

And now my spiel….

In life we only have the present and the future. We cannot go back and change the past, so… why do we often find ourselves reincating the past in our present?

Sit on that question and then consider…. what would the future look like without that script? Who could you be? What could you accomplish?

Tonight my message is to all of us… however young or old… and mostly to all of the moms, dads, and caretakers out there writing the scripts for our children. Be impeccably aware of your impact and know that there may be many dress rehearsals, but once you start performing you may never know how, when, and why your audience will manifest the messages, values, and circumstances that you imparted to them.

This one’s for Jessica…. the world’s best new mom. And to the best mom I know, mine.

Peace and Love,


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