Overcoming failure. The power of targeted analysis (a quickie). By Education Coach Teo Weiner, M.A. 

Every year… EVERY YEEEEEEAAAAARRRRRR!!!!! I see the same thing happen to struggling students. They have failing grades and feel like there is nothing they can do about it. Rather than analyzing the requirements of their classes they give up and passively accept the consequences created by a years worth of missteps and lazy behavior. 

Today I was coaching a client in this exact situation. We reviewed his grades and found that he had 5 F’s, 1 D+, and 1 B. Of the classes he is failing two of his overall percentages are below 15%… but the other 3 are completely “saveable”. In his health class he is 1% away from a passing grade and in the two other classes he is less than 10% away from passing. We talked about where he should spend his energy between now and the end of the school year. I even got him to say “$&@# it” out loud with reference to his two below 15% F’s because at this point… there is no point. 

Today my double shot is about analysis. Sometimes bad things are not as bad as they seem and by doing a little bit of digging below the surface we can quickly dispell beliefs about what is possible, diffuse anxiety, and free our minds to form a new and proactive game plan that moves us forward. Analysis allows us to be influenced by data, and data is truth. 

In school and in “real life” people of all ages will face times of dispair. We may be failing classes, our finances might seemingly be in shambles, our relationships may be out of balance in a particular way. No matter what the struggle is… taking the time to analyze what we have or don’t have (gathering accurate and current data) is often a best first step in reframing what is possible. In turn this act of reflection can often be the catalyst that drives us towards accomplishment and perpetuates our momentum towards positive change. 

Peace and love,


** Analysis is often best done by experts with experience in a particular area. If you are struggling with a specific situation I encourage you to seek and expert for consultation. 

Teo Weiner is America’s Teacher. He is an education coach and life consultant. To contact Teo email him at doubleshotcoaching@gmail.com. 

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