Every Moment is a Chance to Practice, and Practice Makes Perfect (A Quickie). By Life Coach Teo Weiner, M.A.

I have several friends in the wine world who are certified sommeliers. It amazes me that they can  do what they do. From opening a bottle and never letting it touch the table top to smelling and tasting something… AND being able to name the varietal and region of the world the wine is from. These people possess high level skills because they worked hard, studied, and trained.

Today my inspiration comes from the fact that in order to achieve something great you have to put aside other things and engage fully in the study and skill development that you are after. Think about the teachers, doctors and nurses, athletes, craftsmen, and scientists who had to make sacrifices in order to make gains. Hard work pays off… and practice makes perfect.

In life we have the present and we have the future. The past… no matter what we do about it… cannot be undone. Holding that fact respectfully and fully in our attention, it is easy to understand the wide reaches of our impact… on our own minds, our own bodies, those around us, and the world.

You are the change, so go be it.

Peace and love,


Teo Weiner, M.A. is a life coach and master educator. He has over 15 years experience as a coach and is available for hire. For more information visit http://www.doubleshotcoaching.com or text 562-243-9444.

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